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“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.”

Erma Bombeck 
ever-white asked: ∯

omfg I’m seriously running out of confessions

—I’m so sorry, but I did start to feel negative feelings towards you again after dancing that one song with you at prom. I’ve tried my hardest to not feel that way again because of how terrible i was in middle school, but it just… happened. 

You were probably the only legit person who liked me. And even when you asked me out the second time, I felt no remorse rejecting you, and I’m pretty sure that was supposed to be how I was supposed to feel. I mean I did act really guilty, I tried my hardest to feel guilty, but tbh I don’t think I even felt anything, and that was at least the most I could give you. 

You were a really good friend though, even though it was short. It probably doesnt matter now, but hopefully you find or have found someone wonderful

ichiino asked: ∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯ SO IM GONNA GIVE AAAAAALLL MY SECRETS AAAAAWAAAAYYYYYY


friend tbh I can’t say ilu as confidently as I did in my previous one. You probably already know that. You feel like no one will ever like you the way you want them too. And you know, that maybe true, but don’t get me wrong when I’m already trying my hardest to not dislike you even more. You’re selfish, a hypocrite, and tbh I don’t even think I’ve heard you apologize or say thank you and actually mean it in years. I feel like I don’t have much of a say irl, but I’ve always wanted to tell you to stop meeting guys over that stupid app, taking all those 19827412 selfies, and literally judging everyone even when you say you arent. 

it’d be nice if we all didn’t have to strain ourselves for you, and make it work so that we can still be friends. but I just don’t have the confidence to say that.

匿名 asked: ∯

stop saying youre unattractive… you may not realize it yourself, but how could you be so blind to see both girls and guys obviously seeing you are? It sometimes frustrates me to constantly hear about all the wrong things about your face, when I see so much proof otherwise. Im even pretty sure that if I were to have them, i’d feel 1000% more confident about myself. 

Oh but I still love u tho. bb i may have nearly hated you at some point but im 192834% sure i love u too

匿名 asked: ∯

I can’t believe I dreamed about you three times in a row. I’m not even going to think about it. Sometimes I just hate how my reasonable side of me tells me you’re obviously no big deal, but then the moment it goes to rest, there you are again

hannister asked: ∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯∯ hey bae

bae u know i dont have that many omg

im actually really really sorry for being that terrible person and even luring you to share your pw for gaia so i could hack it secretly. I don’t really understand why at that time I didn’t feel as guilty as I should have, I don’t even know how I was able to do it twice. Yeah we were kids and you were super bossy, you didn’t let me be better than you at anything. But that didn’t give me an excuse to lie to you and be a fking two face when you called saying some stranger had hacked again

匿名 asked: ∯

girl i know you like yaoi just admit it bb

“I wanted to make a manga where everyone died at the end.”

Naoko Takeuchi (author of Sailor Moon)
For every ∯ I get I will say/confess something without specifying for whom it is meant


when i bought pokemon X i picked fennekin and squirtle okay

right now we focus on my squirtle, Kazoo, who had a bold personality or something like that

so ofc because he was proud he sparkled

when Kazoo became a Blastoise I was battling him with my friend and she was like “haha holy shit how did you get a shiny blastoise”

i cried for twenty minutes straight

i thought he was sparkly because he had self confidence